# Rim brake wheels

Venn wheels for rim brake bicycles

# Disc brake wheels

Venn wheels for disc brake bicycles

Venn quality and process improvement committment

Our carbon rims undergo comprehensive laboratory testing, including 100% pre-delivery non-destructive mechanical testing. This is to ensure that you always recive the best rims possible, and it also helps us collect data for our CIP (continuous improvement process).

  • EN fatigue testing

    EN fatigue testing

    Venn road and MTB carbon rims exceed all durability requirements as regulated by the CEN

  • Rim dimensional testing

    Rim dimensional testing

    We test rims without tire and with all popular tire sizes from 22mm to 2.4" width and measure the elastic deformation to ensure perfect safety under all end use situations

  • Patented rim forming method

    Patented rim forming method

    All of our rims, filament wound and continuous tangent layup are formed using a proprietary tool set that eliminates layup errors due to human factors.

Heat resistant resins

We custom formulate high glass transition temperature (Tg) resins for use on our rim braked rims. The latest resins that we use show excellent measured performance at temperatures approaching 240° C (464° F).

Handmade with 100% quality

All Venn wheels are built by hand to highest specifications. We are one of the few wheel manufacturers to specify spoke tension variance between each spoke, and to achieve less than 5% variance. Venn rim braked wheels have been used in pro racing in continental Europe, while the disc braked wheels have been used in MTB pro races in Asia and Australia.

All spoke tensions are within 2% of each other

Continuous improvement process

PDCA method is employed at every step of production of Venn carbon rims. In addition to the internal and third party laboratory testing, data is also gathered from customers and our sponsored pro cycling team, Team 3M.

PDCA method - plan, do, check, act

2 year factory warranty

The warranty on our carbon rims is 2 years from the date of purchase. This warranty is comprehensive and covers any defect judged to be due to a manufacturing defect.